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Wake up to a new day

Your schedule for the day is packed with things to do. As you get up, the blinds open slowly. You’re still in bed, basking in the beautiful morning sun. Your favorite songs begin to play from the Bluetooth shower head speaker as you step into the bathroom. Walking downstairs into the kitchen, you smell fresh coffee already brewing in your Atomi Smart Coffee Maker, extra strong, just the way you like it.


Before heading out to work...

You get the kids dressed, pack their lunches, and dart out the door. Simply turn your Smart AC Controller off using the smart app and carry on with your day. You can turn it on again later in the afternoon, getting the house perfectly cooled by the time the kids arrive home from school.


Always in control

At some point in your day, you realize you might have left the garage door open. Or did you close it? Rather than worry, use the Atomi Smart Garage Door Opener to check the status, and to open/close it as needed. Skip the uneasy feeling of getting burglarized and stay in control even when you’re away from home.


No place like home

It’s the evening and the workday comes to a close. By the time you pull into the driveway, your Atomi Smart Color String Lights have beautifully lit up your house to welcome you home.


Movie time

It’s after dinner and everyone has gathered in the living room. Want a real theatre experience in your home? Use the Atomi Smart Color Bulb to set the perfect vibe for a movie night with the family.


Good night

You’ve had a busy, productive day and you’re tired. You put your current read on the night table and with a simple tap on your phone, lights are out. Your Smart Aroma Diffuser is already on as you settle into a good night’s sleep. A perfect end to the day.

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