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Intelligent homes start with Atomi Smart

At Atomi Smart, we create products that make life easier. Shop our extensive line of smart home electronics. You’ll find everything from smart plugs, eco-friendly lighting, and heating solutions to coffeemakers, aromatherapy diffusers, and wireless shower head speakers. 

Life is better when things work together

The beauty of Atomi Smart home products is that they can all be managed from one highly-rated app. Simply connect your Atomi Smart products to your home’s secure wireless network, and you’ll see them all displayed on a single screen in the app.

Preheat rooms remotely

The Atomi Smart Tower Heater features next-generation PTC ceramic heating technology, warming the air in 2 seconds, flat! You can monitor and manage the temperature in your home, select the time of day you’d like to heat your home, and more

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