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Intelligent homes start with Atomi Smart

Atomi Smart is a leader in creating products that make everyone’s lives easier. We offer an extensive range of smart home electronics, from eco-friendly lighting and heating solutions to smart plugs and wireless showerhead speakers. Make your home smarter one device at a time with Atomi Smart.

Complete control at the tip of your fingers

One of the best features of Atomi Smart home electronic products is that you can control and manage each device right from your phone. With built-in WiFi connectivity for every device, you can control them remotely through our highly-rated, user-friendly smartphone application. Simply connect each device to your home network and you’re good to go!

Come Home to a Comfortably Warm Room

Every Atomi Smart device, including our line of smart space heaters, connects to your home network. So, there’s no need to come home to a cold house at the end of every work day. Simply tap into the Atomi Smart app and set your heater up minutes before you arrive home.

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