Smart Outdoor Plug

Extend your smart home to the outdoors

Extend your smart home to the outdoors

The Atomi Smart Outdoor Plug is brilliantly designed to make your life easier and simpler to manage. Any device you plug into the Smart Outdoor Plug can be controlled indoors through the Atomi Smart app. Featuring a built-in power amplifier, the Atomi Smart Outdoor Plug can be controlled through WiFi up to 300 ft! Made with all-weather, fireproof materials, rest assured knowing that it can safely be used in the garden, patio, fountains, as landscape lighting, and more!

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Get your appliances organized

Turn on/off outdoor appliances and devices, such as outdoor lighting, decorations and a lot more.

If you can plug it in, you can control it

The Atomi Smart Outdoor Plug allows you to become the master of time. Easily control your devices and appliances, monitor them, as well as create custom settings. Turn your holiday lights on from the comfort of your couch. Schedule sprinklers and other appliances to turn on or off at specific times. Control anything you plug into it, from anywhere.

Wireless Control

Control your Smart Outdoor Plug using the free Atomi Smart app


Set daily schedules that fit your lifestyle

Voice Control

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Remote Control

Turn electronics and devices on and off from anywhere using the Atomi Smart app on your smartphone. You can check to see the status of connected devices from anywhere at any time.

Set it and forget it

Combining functionality and style, you can set daily schedules to suit your routine.

How it works

Long WiFi Range

The Smart Outdoor Plug works with a secured 2.4GHz WiFi network without the need for a separate hub, and it features a built-in power amplifier for long range WiFi with a reach of up to 300 ft.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

The Smart Outdoor Plug is waterproof and therefore ideal for outdoor use including for the garden, patio, landscape lighting, fountains, etc.

Elegant-looking Smart Outdoor Plug

In addition to the compact, modern and clean design, use simple voice commands to control your Smart Outdoor Plug using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Atomi Smart App

We want to make life easier so you can manage and control all your household devices using just your phone. Our app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In other words, you can simply manage your devices through the use of simple voice commands.

Download the highly rated atomi smart app, available on IOS and Android.

Compatible Platforms

  • Atomi Smart App System Requirements
    iPhone® 8 or higher and iOS® 8 or higher. Any previous iPhone® or iOS® may experience slower connections
    Android™ 4.1x or higher

  • Device Compatibility
    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

  • Connectivity
    No Hub Required

  • Operating Environment

  • WiFi
    Only supported on 2.4GHz WiFi networks

  • Current Tap Rating
    125V~ 60Hz 15A 1875W (Resistive)

  • Ports and Connections
    1 outlet and 2 USB ports

    • Environment
      Outdoor and Indoor

    • Packaging Dimensions
      6.25″ W x 9.1″ H x 2.25″ D

    • Certifications
      RoHS Compliant, PROP 65 Compliant, ETL, IP44

    • Warranty
      One-year limited warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship

Setting up your Smart Outdoor Plug

Your Smart Outdoor Plug is easy to set up, because we know some things should be stress-free

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Make sure you entered the correct WiFi password during the WiFi setup. Check if there are problems with your internet connection. If the WiFi signal is too weak, reset your WiFi router and try again.

You can control outdoor lighting, decorations, small appliances in accordance with the Smart Outdoor Plug’s specifications.

Wi-Fi networks come in a lot of shapes and sizes with many quirks of their own. It doesn’t mean your Smart Outdoor Plug is malfunctioning. If problems persist, please try these steps, in order:

1. Force quit and re-launch the Atomi Smart app. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

2. Unplug Smart Outdoor Plug and plug it back in. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

3. Unplug your router and plug it back in. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

4. Delete and reinstall the Atomi Smart app. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

5. If all else fails, restore your Smart Outdoor Plug to factory settings: First, Unplug your Smart Outdoor Plug. Plug it back in and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

1. Make sure the devices connected to the Smart Outdoor Plug are turned ON.

2. Make sure your mobile device and Smart Outdoor Plug are connected to the same network.

36 reviews for Smart Color String Lights

  1. David

    Here’s the deal with these lights: Yes they have millions of shades of colors. Yes they have neat “scenes” pre-programmed.
    That’s always great until you have to hook these things up.

    Except, here’s the catch. These connected immediately to my WIFI and my Alexa.
    This was by far the easiest connected product I’ve ever purchased!
    Looking at the coffee maker and some spotlights.
    (Oh, I downplayed the lights themselves. They are amazing!!!!)

  2. Lita

    Awesome lights! Now we don’t have to manually change the bulbs at Christmas, July 4th, etc! Question: are you planning on making them compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri?

  3. Rick Lambert

    Anyone done this: I want and have succeeded in turning the lights on at Sunset…..100% bright white…..but 30 minutes later I want to change to like blue at 50% but I have not been able to do it. Also…….as you know……you can choose White or Color……but how do you choose the shade of color you want?


  4. Jim

    A friend of mine had these and I went and bought a set. They wrap around under our porch. They have more features than I need as I don’t use the various flashing modes. I like the pick 2 but would love to have a pick 3 option for Mardi Gras for purple, green and yellow. The warm white option lights up great at night when needed. I’d like to have a timer option so that it would change from the white to another dimmer setting such as my pick 2 settings on its own after we go to bed. I find these lights to be high quality, versatile and easy to use. Thanks

  5. susan ocampo

    Hi. I found these in Costco n I plan to use for my trees. Since we live in Hawaii with constant exposure to salt air n humidity n the sun, do you think it’s life will be limited? How can we prolong its life? The hardest part is stringing them to the tree so the longer lasting it is, the better for me. Ty

  6. Vicki M

    Love all the versatility. Lots of fun to change out for different holidays and celebrations. Goes great on our mountain cabin.

    I would love the cable option to be white as well and would add a whole set to our home as well.

  7. Dave Russell

    Need to provide new scenes on a regular basis. Would love to play with various effects if they were available. It would make the product more appealing.

  8. Roger

    Lights look great and the app works mostly well. Would really love a 2 color ‘chase’ so that all lights are illuminated.

  9. Ken

    Looks like you can only save one “pick two” scene. Would be nice if you could save multiple “pick two” scenes and name them. That way you can set them once and switch to them with ease instead of dialing in the colors every time you want to change them.

  10. Tim Vondran

    Love the lights but I would like the ability to add the lighting affects (Strobe, Fade, Pulse, and etc.) to the existing scenes or the ability to customize the color along with affect. I’m going to officially put this on my Christmas List…can’t say “no” now 🙂

  11. John T.

    I bought 7 at Costco. I just put up my Christmas decorations. Looks very sturdy and I like the Scenes you can choose. I hope the lights will look brighter like a real LED. My regular string lights are brighter than this. And also at Pick 2, I hope I can choose 4 colors. But overall it’s a really good smart string light. I would love to rate it 5 stars, unfortunately, the bulbs are not that bright.

  12. Amy McCoy

    Purchased 4 48′ color changing strands, decided rather than paying someone every year to put up my Christmas lights, I would pay a bit more this year and would pay off in the long run as I have some high peaks!!
    Now I can use the different color features for all the other occasions I like to decorate for!
    Found the perfect hooks on Amazon to hang them by, you should have as an option to buy (missing out on an add on sale here) 🙂 or include with the lights! Excited for Christmas and every little Holiday after to utilize my lights!!

  13. Darrell A.

    The string has many features that I like. As other reviewers have mentioned however, more customization of colors would be better. Because there are only 18 bulbs on my 36′ string, it would be nice if I could set the color on each of the bulbs. Beyond that, it would be nice to be able to maintain the set colors AND have fading, chasing, etc. Those feature would permit me to leave the string up throughout the year and display color schemes for, among other special times, the Holiday Season. Red & green are simply too bland. I’d like, for example, blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, magenta.

  14. Randy Reeves

    I do like the light set up, however I need a flood light. Any a vice

    • Frank

      Hello Randy, thanks for your comment. We are working on this and it should be available during the spring time.

  15. Jeff Hickman

    I bought six sets at Costco today. The build quality is excellent! I’m planning on using these to trim the roof line of my ranch home. I’m a little concerned about the weight. The wire is of great quality but it’s very heavy. It’s not your typical light outdoor Christmas lights. I’m sure it will be fine though. The app works great. The instructions for installation was great. Like other users have mentioned, it would be nice to have more customization in the app so I can chose specific colors that I want for the pre-built scenes such as blink, strobe, and chase. Thank you for including scenes for Christmas and the 4th of July but it would be nice to have a customizable three LED light color option in the app. Since you can do it for the 4th of July make it so we can chose our own three colors for a custom scene. Do a pick 3 like you have the pick 2. Thanks to the scheduling, you can tell the lights when to turn on and off! How cool is that! I also have a trigger that if it’s snowing in my area I have the lights turn to white. Awesome feature! Thanks for an excellent product. Hopefully the app and light hardware can be software upgraded to include the features we are looking for to make this a five star product! I’m really pleased with my purchase.

  16. Eric Busby

    I bought 2 at 48ft.! My family and I love these lights! My issue isn’t with the lights, it’s with the app. If you choose scene, only 1 icon gives you the ability to change colors. The others do not! For what these lights cost, I should be able to choose the colors I want in scene mode!

  17. Jamie

    I love these lights, and how you can choose the brightness for the white in particular. However, I wish there was a lot more customization in the app. I’d love to be able to save various 2-color scenes, choose the colors for strobe, chase, fade, etc. Overall a great product, I just hope any software updates allow for more customization and the ability to save each one you create.

  18. Christina Brodt

    I love the lights, however I would like to be able to use the awesome features with more variety… for example, “chase” only works with all the colors, not the other color settings.

  19. Adam Bristow

    Great lights! I would really like to pick more than 2 colors! Also I would like to change the speed of the lights

  20. Craig

    Love these light. Would love to see a future app update where you can chose more then two colors and another option where you can dim all the scenes options. Thanks for listening.

  21. Tess

    Great product, easy to set up, and we are loving all the color options. Just ordered another set to put on the front of our house. Do you make some type of cover for the controller which is attached to the string of lights? I’m worried the constant exposure to the sun will affect the electronics in the controller. The outlet it’s plugged into gets full sun most of the day. If you have no such cover, I will do a little “McGuyver-ing”. Thanks!

  22. Holly

    These lights are really beautiful! If I’ve had a gloomy day, I go hang outside with it’s beautiful display of colors and my mood changes. They Make me happy! We all need “happy” during these hard Covid-19 times. The only thing that I would like to see is the ability to add additional lights with out another wifi/brain vaiing to connect to our overly used network. It would also be nice to turn them on and off from another location.

  23. Nichole C.

    Enjoying my lights but I would really love to see more options. I like that I can pick 2 colors but would like the ability to do more than pick 2. I would also like the ability to apply features like blink, strobe, chase, etc. to my color choices. Thank you!

  24. Sara

    Love them so far… would also like to see a pick 3 color option… you’ve included USA for independence day, but there’s easter and so many other times when a 3rd color would help.


  25. Maria Calderon

    This lights are absolutely beautiful. I ordered more to put on my deck and back yard. Easy to install and provide great lighting and ambience to our deck.

  26. Michael Rome

    A nice software app upgrade would be a feature that allows astronomic timer where the lights turn on at sunset.

    • atomi smart

      Hello Rome, thank you for your review.
      Our latest app update has included a feature that allows you to turn on/off your light at sunset or sunrise.

      In order to do that, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the atomi smart app. Then, open the app > go to ‘Smart’ > select ‘Automation’ > Press the ‘+’ button at the top of the screen > select ‘When weather change’ > ‘Sunset/Sunrise’ > Select the city for the sunset/sunrise time and press ‘Next’. Now select ‘Run the device’ > choose the device you want to control > select ‘Switch’ > press ON and ‘Save’. Press ‘Next’, confirm your settings and press ‘Save’

  27. Steven Love

    I love these lights but they are a little too dim in my very dark backyard. So we added more strings, which were easy to connect and all of them are controlled with the smartphone. I think it said you can add like 10 string lights? Anyway, we have 5 strung together and it’s good! The actual lights are EXTREMELY well made and heavy duty.

  28. Stacey Masuda.

    These are perfect for the Christmas season! My husband loves the high quality hard plastic bulbs, which means we aren’t replacing these every other year. I like the fact that they are smart bulbs that change colors easily. Our house is one of the most festive on the block!

  29. phil

    if I am out of Wi-Fi range will these lights still work with Bluetooth?

    • fanny

      Hi! Thanks for the question. The atomi smart color string lights are operable via WiFi connection only. These string lights do not connect via Bluetooth, so unfortunately, you’ll need a constant WiFi connection to be able to control your lights.

      -atomi smart

  30. D Clark

    I would love this but I need it in white. Is that an option?

    • frederick

      Hi Darren! The string lights are able to turn completely white. You get the best of both worlds with this product. Color and white. Thanks for the inquiry. Atomi Smart

  31. matt

    I really do like these lights. The options for different combinations are great and so easy to change. The only problem I have is that they are not very bright. Its unfortunate because you can control the brightness, but the highest setting is still not very bright. It would easily be worth 5 stars if it was able to be brighter than what it is now.

  32. Jess

    Put up my holiday decorations! these lights are just amazing. i just love this product! so easy to put up and i don’t have to take them down!

  33. Crystal

    Love love my lights. Easy to put up easy set up! Great colors! The only downside is that I wish there was a three color light option and the two color light option doesn’t give as broad of a color spectrum option as the single lights! Looking forward to those updates in future App upgrades! Excellent product that can only get better.

  34. Harvy Velez

    atomi just took my halloween game to the next level! ambient light that changes colors whenever i want! what else could have i asked for? #satisfied

  35. Paul Scott

    The Pre-Set color themes are super nice, whatever mood I might be in, my backyard cheers me up!

  36. Parker Jones

    This is magical, My date night game has gone up 50 points. Have set this up in the back yard, and bam – it’s MAGICAL. Love the presets, love the voice control, love everything about these lights! Well done atomi, keep on doing great stuff.

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Bring Smart Life To Any Indoor Or Outdoor Space

The atomi Smart Color String Lights bring the perfect ambiance for any occasion and control your Smart Color String Lights using Alexa, Google Voice Assistant or customize them with any WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world with the atomi smart app available free for iOS or Android

No More Remote To Keep Track Of

The FREE atomi smart app for iOS and Android allows you to control the Smart Color String Lights throughout your entire house, indoors and out, at the touch of a button. Turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world! All you need is the atomi smart app and a secure 2.4GHz WiFi network!

Fully Customizable To Fit The Mood

Featuring a 24-foot string of 12 low-energy LED bulbs spaced 1.9 feet apart which can be customized over 16 million ways! Select from pre-curated color scenes based on your mood or create custom lighting scenes by choosing colors of your choice! Set up a personalized light show

  • Let the colors of the season inspire you with the atomi Smart Color String Lights.
  • Use your smartphone to conveniently operate your lights from anywhere in the world.
  • There is No need for bluetooth or a remote control. Along with the standard warm white, choose from a single solid color, any 2-color combination and various preset color modes such as red, white and blue, St. Patrick’s day, festive fall colors and Christmas.
  • Featuring ultra-premium, non-breakable waterproof, indoor/outdoor acrylic bulbs that are linkable up to 1,728 ft.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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