How to Keep Your WiFi Strong and Reliable for Your Smart Home Devices

In today’s technological world, having slow and unreliable WiFi is not only a huge inconvenience but can be extremely frustrating, too. With more and more smart home devices being created, there is an increased demand for strong internet connection. Laggy internet can cause a delay in anything you’re doing that requires internet, including your Atomi Smart home devices. However, there are ways to improve your home networking system with a few simple solutions. Below are a few methods to strengthen your WiFi connection so your daily activities are not disrupted.

Router location

Did you know that your WiFi signal can be blocked by walls, floors, furniture, and appliances? Metal appliances emit electromagnetic waves, disrupting the WiFi signal and causing dead zones. The average room with the highest number of electromagnetic waves is in the kitchen which comes from major appliances such as stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers. Avoiding this area would be beneficial for your WiFi strength. It is important to ensure that the room where your router is situated in is a location that is free of such obstructions. Your router should be located in a central, elevated area where WiFi is mostly used in order to cover an area with even WiFi signal. Keeping your router elevated will decrease any obstructions from blocking the signal. Therefore, placing the router centrally means that your home will have an equally strong signal anywhere in your home. 

Keep your router updated

If your WiFi setup is out-of-date and not working properly, replacing your router might be necessary. An updated router will not only give you the best connectivity available but will ensure the highest level of security. Large-scale malware attacks are becoming more frequent, costing businesses and individuals billions every year. Once the malware infects a router, it can steal bandwidth and spread itself across the network to other devices. Unfortunately, those with old firmware are easier targets for malware to infect. That’s why updating your router is beneficial for fast internet connection and security measures against your home’s network.

Protect your WiFi Password

It is crucial to have encrypted, password-protected WiFi to avoid WiFi leeches. As more people rely on WiFi, the search for an open, fast WiFi network is real. Even if your neighbors have their own WiFi, don’t think that they won’t use your network, they will. To protect against strangers and neighbors from stealing your network, a strong password is important and should contain:

  • Include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Avoid common passwords such as 123456, qwerty, etc.
  • Ensure the password is at least 8 characters long. Short passwords can easily be guessed.
  • Avoid including any personal information in the password such as your name, phone number, or the name of your pet.
  • Never write your password on a piece of paper! Use a password manager to keep your password safe if you can’t remember it.

If you are expecting a lot of guests, it is best to create a separate guest network with its own unique password. Don’t forget to change the password on a regular basis for additional protection.

Have a strong 2.4GHz network

Ensuring your home network is strong and reliable is critical for the success of a smooth-operating smart home. All of Atomi Smart’s home appliances work on 2.4GHz frequencies, so all of your smart appliances will work together on one frequency without impacting the network speed of other WIFI bandwidths, such as the commonly-used 5GHz speed. The 5GHz frequency is commonly used for faster WiFi connection across shorter distances, whereas the 2.4GHz frequency can connect over longer distances. A 2.4GHz frequency means that any of your Atomi Smart products will connect to your WiFi anywhere in your home.

The Atomi Smart 2.4GHz Converter easily and efficiently converts your existing router’s 5GHz signal to a 2.4GHz signal so that you can connect your Atomi Smart devices to the app in just three simple steps. Simply plug it into a power outlet near your router and seamlessly go from 5GHz to 2.4GHz and back again with uninterrupted connection. It is also equipped with dual antennas to improve the signal strength so the connection remains strong throughout your home. The Smart WiFi Converter works with most wireless routers, gateways, or cable modems with WiFi for easy connectivity. Once your devices are connected on the 2.4GHz signal, you can control them all using the Atomi Smart app or through voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Reboot and Reset

If you are experiencing connection issues, weak signal, or slow speeds, an easy troubleshooting step is to simply turn the router and modem on and off. A quick reboot is often enough to improve your WiFi speeds, clear the router’s memory, and allow updates to install.

If you ever experience laggy or slow internet connection, refer to these tips to help improve your WiFi connection to ensure that all of your Atomi Smart products are working properly. The Atomi Smart 2.4GHz Converter is an easy and efficient solution for creating a 2.4GHz signal for all of your smart devices. Enjoy the benefits of smart home technology without worrying about strenuous efforts toward your home’s networking system.

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