Ways to Save Energy Using Smart Home Automation

With the negative impacts of climate change on the rise, the need to conserve energy is more crucial now than ever before. Reducing energy consumption is an important way to help the environment and it starts with your home. Conserving energy is even easier with smart home automation, where you can turn off devices remotely or set up scenes with other devices to work together. From lighting, heaters, fans, and more, integrating smart home devices with AI are the future of smart home automation. The following are some tips on how you can use your Atomi Smart devices to conserve power at home.

Standby Appliances

Did you know appliances that are plugged in but not being used still consume energy? Since walking around your house and unplugging all of your devices is not ideal, the easiest solution is to utilize smart plugs. Atomi Smart’s smart plugs can disconnect your devices when they are not in use by simply controlling the smart plug with voice automation or through your smartphone on the Atomi Smart app. You can even set schedules to automatically turn on and off your smart plugs, for instance, at night when devices are not in use.

Smart Home Lighting

More often than not, lights are turned on when not needed, making them a large contributor to energy consumption. Whether your family members forget to turn off the lights or leave them on for an empty room, it is not always at the forefront to check if the lights in your home are on. Smart lighting addresses this issue. Not only can you control the lights at home through smart assistants, but you can remotely control the lights through the app, too. Smart lights can also be programmed to change the brightness levels and color hues depending on the level of natural light in the room. You can even schedule the lights to turn on or off at specific times, minimizing energy. All of Atomi Smart’s light fixtures use LED chips instead of incandescent lightbulbs. LED chips use low power consumption, are highly reliable, and have a long lifespan that benefits your energy savings and maintenance reduction. LED chips replace roughly 25 incandescent light bulbs (incandescent lightbulbs run for roughly 2,000 hours) to save energy.

Use Ceiling Fans

Atomi Smart’s ceiling fans are a great choice when needing to cool down a specific room instead of the whole house. The smart ceiling fan uses only 18 watts of energy to produce 1500 lumens of light that last up to 50,000 hours. Additionally, the fans can connect to the free Atomi app, so that you can manage temperatures in your home affordably and efficiently. Instead of blasting the heat or air conditioner during the day when no one is home, you can remotely control them according to your needs. Set the temperature of the appliances on your app so you can walk into your home at the perfect temperature without leaving them running all day. The smart fan even helps in the cold months. Set the fan to “reverse” so that it pushes hot air downwards. The smart ceiling fan has a 3-in-1 functionality; an included light, cools down a room, and heats a room using the “reverse” setting. Smart ceiling fans are a great way to conserve energy while reducing the number of appliances needed in your home.

    Change the Settings on Large Appliances

    Larger appliances such as the washer, dryer, and dishwasher all use large amounts of energy since they run for longer periods. Shifting your schedule to use these appliances in the evening reduces your utility bill since evening rates are lower than peak periods during the day. It is also beneficial to wash your clothes in cold water. Not only does this reduce your bills, but it also uses less energy because the water does not need to be heated. There are even studies which show that cold water can increase the lifespan of your clothes since heated water can damage them. Additionally, you can also change the settings of your dishwasher by selecting the “air-dry” option and the washer by washing clothes on a shorter cycle. It is also important to reduce the need to use a dryer. This can be done by installing a clothesline. Hang your clothes outside to dry during warm months and air dry during the winter when possible.

    Maintain Large Appliances

    Large appliances use more energy when the motors have to work harder. When the vents of the fridge or dryer are clogged with dust, the motors must work harder to complete the job. It is important to vacuum and clean these vents a few times every year so that the appliances use as little energy as possible.

    Use Smaller Appliances to Heat or Cook Food

    Since eating is a daily activity in homes, it is also one that is energy-heavy. A stove requires much more energy than a smaller appliance such as a microwave, convection oven, or air fryer. A stove can take several minutes to heat up to temperature, consuming lots of energy as it does. A microwave, on the other hand, uses short bursts of power for small periods. Because of this, a microwave is more energy-efficient than a stove. When possible, use smaller appliances to cook and heat food and reduce the need of using a stove.

    Energy conservation is important for the environment and beneficial to you for many reasons. Saving money, protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption and more are all benefits that occur from simple energy-saving tips. Smart home automation with Atomi Smart helps you live a more energy-conscious lifestyle so you can enjoy all of its perks.

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