Daily Grind: Love Coffee on a Whole New Level

How did “The daily grind” get such a bum wrap? For coffee-lovers everywhere, it brings to mind the exact opposite of congested commutes, endless meetings, and work mode. Thanks to the Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder, the “daily grind” means indulging in the freshly ground and brewed java beans of your choice–from the comfort of home–365 days a year! Even better, this smart appliance has multiple bonus perks to delight your inner barista.

Coffee brewing before you wake

The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder adds convenience to your day before your day begins! Set it on the programmable timer and create a routine schedule, or start the brewing process from bed using the smartphone app. As coffee is a full-sensory experience, from its multifaceted flavors to the warmth it creates, now you can wake up to aromas of your favorite roasts first thing every morning.

Voice controlled with Google and Alexa

Control your smart coffee maker through the free, award-winning Atomi Smart app on your phone–or by voice-command compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant! You’ll have more flexibility to go about your day without stopping to make the coffee. Simple voice commands will start the brewing, turn it on/off, and more. Imagine having a personal assistant to make your coffee exactly the way you like it. You’ll even get notifications to your phone when the coffee is done!

Commercial-grade BURR grinder

Say hello to brightened acidity and full-bodied flavor! Freshly ground coffee intros a whole new world of tasting notes to the palate. The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder ups the ante with 8 different grind settings ranging from extra course to ultra fine, plus 3 brew-strength settings in mild, medium, and strong. And since versatility is the key, this smart coffee maker also works with pre-ground powder.

Designed to impress 

The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder beautifully blends functionality with modern style. Fave features include a warming plate to keep coffee at an optimum temperature up to four hours, and a generously-sized 12-cup carafe. It’s also designed with a large LCD display to operate manually if needed.

In summary, you may love your french press and your top-of-the-line espresso machine that makes you frothy cappuccinos—as well you should! But for freshly ground, customizably-delicious coffee on demand, the Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder will give you an entirely new appreciation for your favorite coffee beans, and a whole new meaning to “your daily grind.” 

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