52" Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan

Elevate your air care

Smart and stylish, this 52” ceiling fan cools and circulates the air in large rooms up to 20′ x 20′. Built-in LED lights and a 3-speed, whisper-quiet motor will keep your bedroom, living room, or den a comfortable temperature all year long. 

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Add-On: Downrods

Add-On: Downrods

Control, all in one place

Using the Atomi Smart app, operate your Smart WiFi Ceiling fan from your smartphone or the included remote control. 

Installation is a breeze

 Get your smart ceiling fan up and running in record time, thanks to included hardware and flexible mounting options for flush, standard, or angled positioning. Wooden fan blades with glossy gray finish click easily into place, and the sturdy black aluminum steel casing with frosted glass shade ensure years of this elegant light and fan. 

Wireless Control

Control your Smart Ceiling Fan using the free Atomi Smart app


Set daily schedules that fit your lifestyle

Voice Control

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Tunable light

Adjustable white temperature ranges between warm, cool, and neutral. Lighting is also fully dimmable.

Adjustable fan speed

Enjoy at low, medium or high for
optimum comfort.

Set it and forget it

Multifunctional and programmable, create
daily schedules to suit your routine.

How it works

Pick your setting

Ideal for large bedrooms, living rooms and more! Have high or angled ceilings? Accessory downrods are available. 

Whisper-quiet AC motor

Enjoy ultra-powerful, 3-speed airflow and cooling with no interruption to sleeping or relaxation.

Voice activation

Get more out of your downtime. Use simple voice commands to turn your Smart Ceiling Fan on or off using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Atomi Smart mobile app

Manage and control your smart household devices your smartphone. Our app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can also operate devices through simple voice commands.

Download the highly rated atomi smart app, available on IOS and Android.

Compatible Platforms

  • Atomi Smart App System Requirements
    iPhone® 8 or higher and iOS® 8 or higher.Any previous iPhone® or iOS® may experience slower connections
    Android™ 4.1x or higher

  • Device Compatibility
    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

  • Connectivity
    No Hub Required

    • Operating Environment
      Indoor only

  • WiFi
    Only supported on 2.4GHz WiFi networks

    • Light
      LED, 1500 Lumens

    • Airflow
      4500 CFM

  • Input
    120V/AC 60Hz

  • Linkable

  • Bulb Color
    CCT light

  • Certifications
    FCC, RoHS Compliant, PROP 65 Compliant, ETL

  • Warranty
    Lifetime Warranty

Setting up your Smart Ceiling Fan

Your Smart Ceiling Fan is easy to set up, because we know some things should be stress-free

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Diameter (including blades) : 52″

The Atomi Smart Ceiling Fan comes with a regular and angled mounting bracket. It also includes two downrod options for your choice (4″ and 12″). Longer downrods are available for purchase separately

No, the motor is not reversible.

If you are having issues to install the fan blades, please follow the steps by clicking here

Alternatively, install the blades without using the provided red washers

– Make sure that the circuit breaker power is turned on.

– Make sure that the wires are properly connected.

– Confirm that your wall switch is on.

– Turn off the power from your circuit breaker and check the fan’s wiring for any connection issues.

Confirm that the blades are properly installed.

– Make sure the downrod is locked and secured to the groove inside the mounting bracket.

– Make sure that the mounting screws are firmly screwed in.

– Confirm that the canopy is firmly attached to the mounting bracket.

– Note any warped blades. If even one blade is slightly distorted, it can create an imbalance. Check for warping by standing on a secure ladder and looking down the edge of the blade toward the motor. If there’s any curvature, the blade is considered warped. Repeat this step for every blade. If they do not appear uneven, confirm that the screws that attach the blades are tightened and secure. Warped blades cannot be balanced.

– Use the included balance kit to even out the blade weight distribution. The Balancing Kit user guide is available here

– Make sure that the AAA batteries (not included) are correctly in place.

– Replace the batteries with new ones.

– Make sure the remote is paired to the ceiling fan (if applicable):

Step 1: Once connected to the app, turn off the wall switch and wait 30 seconds

Step 2: Turn on the wall switch, point the remote control to the Ceiling Fan and press & hold the Fan Switch button for 4 seconds. Once you hear a beep, pairing is complete

If you have more than one fan, to avoid interference between fans during the remote pairing process, make sure that only one fan is powered on at a time. If you did not hear a beep on step 2, please repeat steps 1 and 2.

Make sure your Atomi Smart device is powered on and the light is flashing white. If not, reset your device.

Use your smartphone to confirm that you have at least two WiFi bars in the vicinity of your Atomi Smart device. If not, move your Atomi Smart device closer to your router. (The list will refresh every 10 seconds).

Make sure that you have entered the correct WiFi password during the WiFi setup. Check if there are problems with your internet connection. If the WiFi signal is too weak, reset your WiFi router and try again.

– Confirm that your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network

– Check whether the router password you entered is correct.

– Confirm that the DHCP service is enabled on your router settings.

– Make sure that your WiFi signal is strong.

– Temporarily disable your 5GHz network.

– If you have a mesh network/router that does not allow you to disable 5GHz, try to move farther away from your router until your phone moves to the 2.4GHz band.

– For more Connection Troubleshooting tips, visit https://atomismart.com/connection-troubleshooting/

If you replace your router, you will need to reset your devices and add them again to the app.

– Turn off the light switch
– Turn ON, OFF and wait 1-2s
– Turn ON, OFF and wait 1-2s
– Turn ON, OFF and wait 1-2s
– Turn ON, OFF and wait 1-2s
– Turn ON and wait a few seconds. The light should start flashing white.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 13 in

14 reviews for Smart Ceiling Fan

  1. J

    Very happy with this purchase and the customer support that was provided after!

  2. Duane

    I bought 3 and want to get another one. Bought them at Costco but they are out of them. Where can I buy another one? Love the look and all the ways to control it.

  3. Claudio Durazo

    I have three and they work perfectly. I just had an issue with the remote control because one controlled all of them. But it was fixed by contacting costumer service, they send me remote devices for each fan.
    Thank You Atomismart!

  4. Dorian

    Great Ceiling Fan but not quite perfect.
    Looks good, runs quiet and moves a lot of air. The light function is great and produces the light exactly as you like. Everything is possible from cozy jazz lounge back room lighting to full psycho warehouse blue light.
    App works great and is easy to install. Remote works great too. I like the fact that it comes with a wall mount so you can keep the remote at the light switch that operates the fan (and don’t misplace the remote, like we have done with every other ceiling fan remote).
    Installation is easy but, as mentioned before, has some challenges. Mainly (and only) it is putting all the wire into the small housing. It is possible (I have done it twice) but it requires some careful planning where to stick the wire salad.
    Our second unit came with imperfections on the glass shade. Dozens of tiny bubbles appear as small dots when the light is on. We reached out to customer service and hope they can send us a replacement glass shade.
    Without the wiring troubles and the imperfect glass shade it would be a five star review.

  5. Kyle

    once it is all installed it works well enough. But like one customer said in another review, there is wayyyyyy too much wiring to try and cram into such a tiny compartment when flush mount. that was a terrible design flaw and it took way too long trying to cut the wires to manageable lengths.

  6. Gene Lawhorn

    This took a while to install due to my existing old ceiling fan coupled with the fan bracket design. The bracket needs another 3/4” to accommodate the wires and the control unit. The room in the bracket with all the wires is a challenge! I had to cut all the wires to a manageable size because mine is a flush. mount. I also had to use horseshoe shims to bring the bracket down and make funnel fit tight to the ceiling. So if you don’t have a bit of mechanical skills hire someone to do this for you.
    My issue is the people who design the components of the ceiling fans should have to go to an older house and install one before they can bring it to the market. They should add breakaway connections to the wires to accommodate flush mount so installers don’t have to cut off extra wires. I read people are actually trying to keep all the extra wire in that small bracket and funnel. That is foolish, cut it and use wire twist.
    After completing the installation I am very pleased. It looks great , runs very quietly , and looks classy. So I recommend, but caution DIY’ers to beware of the space between bracket, the excess amount of wire, (just cut it off) and the space between finish funnel & ceiling. Before install go get some horseshoe shims. Oh you might need to trim one side.

  7. Tony Martinez

    This fan is amazing thank you very much I’m trying to get more fans for my new home

  8. Babsmc

    We have two and control them with Alexa, which is awesome.

  9. RGC

    Highly recommend this fan. Super Quiet and works great with app and remote control. Also love the color adjustment. Customer Service was extremely helpful. They explained that if you do a flush mount the three smaller wires need to be trimmed in order to fit into very small housing.

  10. Rafael Hernandez

    Good fan Very good and easy to install

  11. DG

    I have three of these. The remote in one room sometimes works for all three. Sometimes just the fan you want. I like that, kinda like roulette – just hope you don’t have a baby or someone that could get woken up by a light accidentally getting turned on.

    If you are not installing without the down rod (i have 8 foot ceilings, so no down rod needed), be prepared to squeeze what seems like 87 feet of wire into a teeny tiny housing. Seriously it’s 5 minutes to get the fan installed and then 25 minutes to cram the wires inside so they aren’t sticking out the top/bottom of the unit.

    Also, know that if you have the light in the Off position and the fan on (for example fan on at night), the inner most LEDs are still on at ~1% strength which is enough for it to appear “glowing” at night and light up the room. Customer service was kind enough to offer to ship me replacements LEDs today, but in order to install i fear that I will need to take the fan down again, which means taming that wild snake of extra wire that is completely unnecessary.

    App is legit if you don’t use the remote. Color adjustment is awesome.

  12. Mike Greenzalis

    Easy installation, quiet motor, great app to control the fan with and best of all it looks great. Highly recommend.

  13. Dave B.

    LOVE these fans! We just moved into a new home and bought SIX of these fans. We can NEVER go back to a regular fan! They are so convenient to operate having the app on your phone. Also, enabling Alexa, the fans can be controlled by voice command. This is really an amazing product and would highly recommend to others. Fans come with a remote, however, they are all the same frequency so if using the remote if you have more than one fan could be challenging. In our case, we solely use either Alexa voice command or our smart phone to control the fans, which eliminates the problem. We are customers for life. Atomi customer service is AMAZING! Highly recommend any of their products. We also have the deck lighting and that is amazing as well. Thank you, Atomi!

  14. Mary Parker

    The glass was broken when I purchased it and I need a new one. I do not see any contact info.

    • Frank

      Hello, please contact customer service.

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