Smart Outdoor Lamp



The Smart Outdoor Lamp is the perfect decoration for any outdoor living spaces. Control the brightness, saturation, colors, effects, and more using the Atomi Smart app or hands-free voice control. Create a vivid ambience for parties, special events, holidays, and other celebrations.


– 37W Power Adapter

Material: Aluminum + PC

– Light Source: RGB + CW

– 1665 lumens

– Input: 120V, 60HZ, 0.5A

– Output: 18.5V, max. 2A

– IP65 for outdoor use

Before You Begin Installation

1. Check if the lamp has power, then unplug.

2. Ensure your mobile device is running iOS® 8 or higher or Android™ 4.1× or higher.

3. Know your WiFi network and password.

4. Ensure you’re connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network (Atomi Smart can’t connect to 5GHz networks).

5. Confirm that your smartphone’s Bluetooth is enabled.

Installing Your Lamp

1. Attach and secure the base plate together.

2. Secure the lamp holder to the top of the base plate.

3. Attach and secure the lamp to the lamp holder.

4. Your outdoor lamp is ready to use.

Connecting Your Devices

Step 1: Download App

Download the Atomi Smart app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account.

Confirm that your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled and that you are allowing the Atomi Smart app to access Bluetooth.

If you already have the app installed, please make sure to check for any updates as they will improve your experience with the Atomi Smart app.

Step 2: Turn on your Smart Device

1. Confirm that the light is flashing.

Tip: If the light is not flashing, press and hold the device power button for about 10s and try again.

Step 3: Add your Smart Lamp

1. Confirm that your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled. 

2. Then, open the Atomi Smart app, press “Add Device” or the “+” button.

Step 4: Connecting to Wi-Fi

1. Enter your home Wi-Fi network and password (2.4GHz only). Press ‘Continue’.

2. Your Smart Floor Lamp is connected!

Controlling your Smart Outdoor Floor Lamp


Power – Press ‘Power’ to turn ON/OFF your Smart Outdoor Lamp 

White Mode

Brightness – Adjust intensity from 0 –100%

White Wheel – Change the white temperature from cool to warm tones

Color Mode

Color – A broad spectrum of colors to create the perfect ambience

Brightness – Adjust intensity from 0 –100%


Select any solid color swatch and adjust brightness.

Bucket icon: Fills lamp with the same color
Scribble icon: Fills only specific sections of the lamp with the selected color
Eraser icon: Removes color from specific sections
Star icon: Saves customized color combination as a favorite preset


Select any preset color combination. These color combinations cannot be customized and do not contain any effects.


Customized swatches are saved in favorites. Create and save customized presets using the swatches tab (refer to “Swatches” section).


Browse through the categories and select a style. Scenes contain colors and effects and are not customizable. To create a customizable scene, Press “add +” in the top right corner.

Customize the brightness, animation type, speed, effect, and color. Once saved, the scene will appear as “Custom Scene DIY” in the list.

Music Sync Mode

Select one of the music effects to sync with the music. The light will follow the music rhythm captured by the phone’s microphone. 

Scheduling & Do Not Disturb

Activate “Do Not Disturb” to keep the lamp off after a power outage. Disable this effect to always turn the light on after a power outage.


Click on the “+” blue button to create schedules to turn on/off your light at specific times of the day. 

Select which days, times, and actions you want the lamp to do, then press “Save”.

Select the “Timer” function to turn the lamp on after a specified amount of time, then press “Save”.

Creating Groups to control multiple lights together

The Atomi Smart app lets you group devices to control multiple outdoor lamps simultaneously.

1. Ensure that all your Smart Outdoor Lamps are online, powered on, and connected to the app.

2. Press the “Edit” button (pencil icon) in the top right corner of the Smart Outdoor Lamp app screen.

3. Press “Create Group” and select the devices you wish to include, then press “Save”. You can now control your lights simultaneously.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

• Open the Atomi Smart app and select one of the outdoor lamps that you’ve added.
• Press the top right button (Pencil icon).
• Press “Create Group” and select all the lights you want to group together.
• Press “Save”. You can now control all your Smart Outdoor Lamps simultaneously.

• Yes, the floor lamp is waterproof (IP65-rated).

Use Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the smart device on or off, change the color, adjust the brightness, set a timer, add a schedule, and more.


“Alexa, turn on [device name]”

“Alexa, turn off [device name]

“Alexa, change [device name] to blue”

“Alexa, change [device name] to 50%”


Google Assistant

“Hey Google, turn on [device name]

“Hey Google, turn off [device name]

“Hey Google, change [device name] to blue”

“Hey Google, change [device name] to 50%”

In order to successfully connect Atomi Smart devices, a 2.4GHz connection is required.

The 2.4GHz frequency waves travel further than the 5GHz. This means that if your device is in another room or far from your phone, you will have a better signal reception (compared to 5Ghz) which is essential for your smart device to function correctly and stay online.

All modern routers come with 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Depending on your router type, these bands may appear as separate WiFi networks (Example: Name-2.4GHz and Name-5GHz) or combined. If you only have one WiFi network, you should still be able to connect since the Atomi Smart app automatically finds the 2.4GHz frequency when connecting to your router.

However, if you experience any issues, please follow the points below:

– Make sure that you are connecting to a 2.4GHz network

– Keep your mobile device close to the router during connection

– If you have two SSID for your WiFi (Example: Name-2.4GHz / Name-5GHz), please temporarily disable “Auto-Join” on your Name-5GHz network)

– If you have two SSID for your WiFi, make sure that your 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi have different names

– If your router gives the option to disable the 5GHz network, please disable it temporarily

– Disable any VPN apps/services in order to connect successfully

– If you are having issues to connect, turn on Airplane Mode (Keep only WiFi activated when connecting your smart device)

– Make sure that you’ve entered the correct password for your 2.4GHz WiFi on the “Select 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network” screen (Case sensitive, and make sure that there are no extra spaces)

– If you have too many devices connected to your 2.4GHz (more than 10), please turn off some of them temporarily and retry connecting your smart device to the app

– If your router does not allow you to manually select to a 2.4GHz frequency, you may need to perform a few extra steps. Since the 2.4GHz frequency travels further than the 5GHz, you can force your device to connect to it by moving your phone far from the router. More details available on the Connection Troubleshooting page

– If you are still experiencing issues to connect, delete the app and reinstall it

– If the issue persists, restart your router

Use your smartphone to confirm that you have at least two Wi-Fi bars in the vicinity of your Atomi Smart device. If not, move your Atomi Smart device closer to your router. (The list will refresh every 10 seconds).

Make sure you entered the correct WiFi password during the WiFi setup. Check if there are problems with your internet connection. If the WiFi signal is too weak, reset your WiFi router and try again.

Press and hold the “Power” button until the light starts flashing to reset your device.

Force quit and re-launch the Atomi Smartapp.

Press and hold the “Power” button for 10 seconds to reset your device. The light will start flashing white.

The Atomi Smart Outdoor Floor Lamp connection guide is available here and the installation guide is available here

Still have questions?

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