Smart Heater


Smart Heater

Your heat is in your hands

Featuring a compact design, the atomi Smart Heater can be controlled directly from the heater or via the atomi smart app. Monitor and manage the temperature in your home, set timers, or simply select the time of day you’d like to activate your Smart Heater


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Peace of mind

The atomi Smart Heater has a polarized plug that fits into your wall outlet and reduces the risk of electric shock

Customize your heating experience

Get both coziness and peace of mind. The atomi Smart Heater allows you to control your heater from anywhere using the atomi smart app, bringing you the utmost convenience for maximum home comfort. The atomi Smart Heater combines functionality and craftsmanship to offer the first ever ETL Tested Smart Heater in the world

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Wireless Control

Control your Smart Heater using the free atomi smart app

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Set daily schedules that fit your lifestyle

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Voice Control

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Remote control

The atomi Smart Heater lets you turn your heater on at anytime regardless of your location so you can enjoy the coziness in your entire home

Set it and forget it

Combining functionality and style, you can set daily schedules to suit your lifestyle so your heater comes on and off when you want it to

How it works

The atomi Smart Heater: Use simple voice commands to turn your Smart Heater on or off using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Preset heating modes

Simply use the app and press to change from cool, low, high and auto modes and enjoy the perfect atmosphere

Monitor your heater

The highly-rated atomi smart app has a display mode that shows the heater  status and room temperature so you can increase or decrease the temperature as needed

Don't let the winter blues get to you

We get it! You can’t wait to get back into your cozy house during the winter. That’s why we have made it possible for you to always maintain the perfect temperature before you even get home. Use simple voice commands to turn your Smart Heater on or off using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

The atomi smart App

We want to make life easier so you can manage and control all your household devices using just your phone. Our app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In other words, you can simply manage your devices through the use of simple voice commands.

Compatible Platforms

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  • atomi smart App System Requirements
    iPhone® 8 or higher and iOS® 8 or higher.Any previous iPhone® or iOS® may experience slower connections
    Android™ 4.1x or higher

  • Device Compatibility
    Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

  • Connectivity
    No Hub Required

  • Operating Environment

  • WiFi
    Only supported on 2.4GHz WiFi networks

  • Wattage
    1,500 W (high heat)
    1,000 W (low heat)

  • Voltage
    120 VAC / 60 Hz

  • Heating Coverage
    Up to 750 sq. ft.

  • Display
    Touch screen LED

  • Heating Element
    Elongated ceramic (Self-regulating)

  • Oscillation

  • Delivery System

  • Automatic overheat protection

  • Finish
    Cool-touch exterior

  • Remote Access
    Wi-Fi connected mobile controls

  • Filter
    Permanent removable dust filter

  • Safety Switch

  • Carry Handle
    Easy grip

  • Packaging Dimensions
    10.65″ W x 28″ H x 10.85″ D

  • Certifications
    FCC, CE, RoHS Compliant, PROP 65 Compliant, ETL

  • Warranty
    Three-year limited warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship

Setting up your Smart Heater

Your Smart Heater is easy to set up, because we know some things should be stress-free

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Make sure you entered the correct WiFi password during the WiFi setup. Check if there are problems with your internet connection. If the WiFi signal is too weak, reset your WiFi router and try again.

1. Close all apps that are running in the background then re-open the atomi smart app

2. Uninstall and reinstall the atomi sma app then repeat the setup process

It is possible that a new heater will produce an odor when first used. This is normal and should go away after the heater has been used for a while

This heater is equipped with a tip-over safety function that shuts the heater off if it gets knocked over

If your Smart Heater is not operating, please do the following to reset:

1. Make sure Smart Heater is off

2. Unplug the unit and wait 5-10 minutes.

3. Ensure there is nothing obstructing the heater and intake vent.

4. Plug the Smart Heater in and turn it on.


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