Smart Shop Light



Control your Shop Light from your phone anytime, anywhere! Ideal for garages, basements, work areas, utility rooms and recreational rooms. Control your Smart Shop Lights using Alexa, Google Assistant or customize them with any smartphone/tablet in the atomi smart app. You can connect and link up to 10 lights.

Inside the box you'll find

Shop Light Inside the Box

Before you begin

1. Know your Wi-Fi network and password

2. Make sure your mobile device is running iOS® 8 or higher or Android™ 4.1× or higher

3. Make sure you’re connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network (atomi Smart can’t connect to 5GHz networks).

4. Before installing, plug the Smart Shop Light into the outlet to ensure it is working properly.


Option A: Pendant Mounted

Installation Option 1-1

NOTE: The unit is intended to be installed directly beneath a ceiling-mounted receptacle. If there is excess cord, bind with string or a cable tie to keep it out of work space. IMPORTANT: Unplug the Smart Shop Light prior to mounting

Attach the Ceiling Hooks

Choose the desired location of light fixture making sure it is within reach of an outlet. Use a pencil to place a mark on the ceiling where each ceiling hook (part CC) should go. Screw hooks in place until secure.

Attach Ceiling Hooks

Suspended to Ceiling

1 – Hook the “S” hooks (Part BB) into each of the holes on both sides of the Smart Shop Light

2 – Hook the hanging chains (Part AA) into each of the ceiling hooks (Part CC).

Suspended to Ceiling

Option B: Surface Mounted


Attach the Ceiling Hooks

1 – Drill a 1/4 inch pilot hole into the marked screw locations

2 – Insert wall anchors (Parts DD)

3 – Start the wood screws (Part EE) but do not tighten fully

4 – Slide the fixture over until the narrow legs of the keyhole slots are under the heads of the wood screws (Part EE)

Attach Ceiling Hooks Option B

Secure the Fixture

Drill a 1/4 inch pilot hole nearby the fixture’s receptacle. Insert wall anchors (Part DD) and tighten the wood screws (parts EE)

Secure Fixture Option B

Connecting Your Device

Step 1: Download App

Download the atomi smart app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. If you already have the app installed, please make sure to check for any updates as they will improve your experience with the atomi smart app.

Step 2: Plug In

Plug your atomi Smart Shop Light into any standard grounded outlet.

Step 3: Add Device

1. Confirm that the lights are flashing. If not, pull the chain down and hold for 10 seconds or unplug and plug the device again.

2. Select “Add Device” or click (+) at the top right corner of the devices screen.

3. Choose “Smart Shop Light” from the device list and press ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Connecting to Wi-Fi

1. Enter your Wi-Fi network and password. Press ‘Confirm’.

2. Press ‘Go to Connect’. On your phone’s Wi-Fi screen, select ‘atomi-smart-xxxx’

3. Once it connects, return to the atomi smart app.

4. Your device is now connected.

For iOS: After connecting to the atomi-smart-xxxx, return to the app by pressing ‘atomi smart’ on the top left part of the screen, or by switching back to the atomi smart window

For Android: After connecting to the atomi-smart-xxxx, some devices may display a message informing that you are “Connected without internet”. Please ignore this message and return to the app by pressing the back button on the bottom navigation bar (Do not press the back button on the top left part of the screen as this will bring you bag to the ‘Settings’ page instead of the atomi smart app) 

IMPORTANT: If you cannot see the ‘atomi-smart-xxxx’, pull the chain down again and hold for another 10 seconds. Refresh your Wi-Fi list. The ‘atomi-smart-xxxx’ network should appear after a few seconds.

NOTE: If you still cannot see the atomi-smart-xxxx on your list, you may have an older model of our smart product that will require you to pull the chain down and hold again until it starts blinking slowly. 

Controlling your Smart Shop Light


Shop Light App Screen

ON/OFF – Press ‘Power’ to turn ON/OFF your Smart Shop Light


Shop Light Countdown

Automatically powers Smart Shop Light ON/OFF


Shop Light Relay Status

Select the status that the light should be when a power outage occurs


Shop Light Schedule

Time – Select the time to run the schedule

Repeat – Select what days of the week to repeat the schedule

Power – Set preferred state (ON/OFF)

Creating Groups

Connecting Devices

In order to connect multiple lights and control with the atomi smart app you are required to create a group

Shop Light Group

1. Press the ‘Edit’ button (pencil icon) at the top right corner of your screen.

String Lights Group

2. Press ‘Create Group’, select the devices you wish to be included and press ‘Confirm’. You can now control your lights simultaneously.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Make sure your atomi smartdevice is plugged in and the lights are blinking. If not, unplug your atomi smart device and plug it back in to reboot. If you still have problems, pull the chain down and hold for 10 seconds to reset it. Note: For older devices, you may be required to pull the chain down again and hold it for another 10 seconds. The atomi-smart-XXXX should appear on your network list after a few seconds.

Check wires to ensure proper connections. Make sure your breaker is on and test another working electrical device to make sure it is receiving power

Use your smartphone to confirm that you have at least two Wi-Fi bars in the vicinity of your atomi smart device. If not, move your atomi smart device closer to your router. (The list will refresh every 10 seconds).

Make sure you entered the correct WiFi password during the WiFi setup. Check if there are problems with your internet connection. If the WiFi signal is too weak, reset your WiFi router and try again.

Force quit and re-launch the atomi smartapp.

Pull the chain down and hold it for 10 seconds. The lights should start flashing.

Wi-Fi networks come in a lot of shapes and sizes with many quirks of their own. It doesn’t mean your atomi smart device is malfunctioning.

If problems persist, please try these steps, in this order:

1. Force quit and re-launch the atomi smart app. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

2. Unplug your atomi smart device and plug it back in. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

3. Unplug your router and plug it back in. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

4. Delete and reinstall the atomi smart app. Check to see if this fixes the issue.

The atomi Smart Shop Light user guide is available here

Still have questions?

Create a ticket on our Support page. Our team is available to help, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (EST)