Tips to Protect your Smart Home Devices

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Connecting all of your gadgets to the internet allows you to perform tasks remotely and monitor your devices from anywhere. However, this also provides a way for hackers to infiltrate and use your devices for their agenda. Following these safety tips will help to protect your Atomi devices against IoT Botnets so that you can safely and confidently use your devices without worrying about malicious hackers. 

What is a Botnet?

The technical term for computers and devices being used against the owner’s will is called a Botnet. It is a network of compromised devices that follow commands from a central server. When the central server sends out a command, the hacked devices carry it out in unison, resembling an army of robots. The more compromised devices, the stronger the Botnet becomes and the more damage it can do. Any device that has an internet connection, a processor, and can receive malware installations can be used as a Botnet. Since the world is more connected now than ever, this trend of Botnets doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon.

How to protect your smart devices against Botnets

Even though Botnets are a growing problem, all hope is not lost. There are many things you can do to protect your devices.

  • Change the Default Password. Change any default passwords because this is one of the main causes of unauthorized access. It is very easy for Botnets to scan IoT devices using default passwords to create newly compromised devices. Also ensure that the username and password to your WiFi routers are not set to “admin” because they can be compromised very quickly. Be sure to log onto any device and WiFi connection with a unique, strong password.
  • Use a Password Generator. Did you know that the password “123456” has been one of the most popular passwords for the last four years? Creativity is not a strength when it comes to setting a password, that’s why using a password generator can create something truly unique. The more complicated your password is, the harder it will be to hack into. Using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols is important when creating a bulletproof password against the Botnet army. 
  • Keep Your Devices Updated. Every software contains bugs and errors, so it is important to keep your devices updated for maximum security and ease of usability. Users should always update their devices, the Atomi app, and mobile phone OS (operating system) to the latest version as well. That means ensuring your iOS or Android user interfaces are up-to-date. 
  • Always purchase Atomi products from reputable sources. It is easy for people to purchase devices with malware built into it, so it is crucial to only purchase products from Atomi’s official sources. These include our official website, our official Amazon website, Costco’s official website, BJ’s Wholesale Club’s official website and Walmart’s official website. Never purchase Atomi devices through third-party websites. Purchasing your devices through trusted sources ensures that the device has gone through all the proper security checks before it is ready for sale. 
  • Ensure your devices are set up correctly. Since Atomi products require WiFi and Bluetooth access, it is important to double-check that the WiFi and Bluetooth are connected to the proper sources. Never connect to free, public WiFi options because these can be monitored and hacked. Always use private, trusted WiFi sources that have strong passwords. The Atomi app features on-screen instructions to set up your device, so following these steps closely will ensure the safety of your devices. 
  • Replace outdated routers. Even though you update your devices, it’s easy to overlook the importance of your router. Updating routers ensures strong WiFi connection and performance as well as the most updated security protocols. Outdated routers mean outdated security features, creating an easier opportunity for hackers to take over. 
  • Manage your account passwords. It may seem easy to use the same password and account credentials that you use for other apps and logins, but this is a security nightmare. If even one of your accounts on any app or program is breached, hackers can potentially be exposed to all other accounts which share the same password. All of your Atomi devices will be saved under one account, so ensure that your email and password are secure so that your Atomi login will not be compromised. 

Always keep your devices safe

As more devices connect to the internet, Botnet developers have increased targets to select from, but using our tips will help to avoid this digital army. Making sure that your passwords are strong, updating your devices, purchasing Atomi products from reputable sources, and more, are some easy tips to consider for security purposes. No matter how many Atomi products you have, there are steps you can take to keep your home protected, anytime and anywhere. 

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