Tips for Smart Home Automation

In recent years, smart home automation has been exploding in popularity with more appliances and electronics offering connectivity to smart technology. As this lifestyle continues to expand, it can become overwhelming when trying to navigate and keep up with the latest products. What are the best appliances to use? Are smart homes secure? Is it affordable? These are just some of the many questions that people wonder about when considering smart home automation, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated! Atomi Smart makes home automation easy and affordable for anyone who’s looking to get started. 

Below are a few tips to consider when building a smart home using Atomi Smart.

Have a strong network

Ensuring your home network is strong and reliable is critical for the success of a smooth-operating smart home. Confirm that your router is placed centrally in your home so that there is a solid signal for all of your Atomi appliances. Installing a router off to one side of your home means that the opposite side will have a weaker signal and may run into connectivity problems. All of Atomi’s smart home appliances work on 2.4GHz frequencies, so all of your smart appliances will work together on one frequency without impacting the network speed of other WIFI bandwidths. Therefore, placing the router centrally means that your home will have an equally strong signal anywhere in your home. 

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Plan out your smart home automation

Atomi offers many smart devices from smart plugs to fans, that benefit any home along the automation journey. Whether you are just starting or looking for more smart appliances to add to your home, Atomi has something for everyone.  Smart color string lightssmart heaterssmart ceiling fans, and smart coffee makers are just a few products that you can design and integrate for your smart home automation. When determining what types of products are best for your home, walk around the spaces that could use improvements —maybe a little more light, a little more airflow, etc. Remember, smart home automation is there to make life easier and more enjoyable, so taking the time to gather information is a crucial step to improving your home life. 

Start with smart lights

For most, smart lights are the first things bought for novice smart home technology users because of their versatility and easy setup. Atomi’s smart lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including smart string lights, smart flood lights, smart sconce lights, smart pathway lights, and more. All of Atomi’s lights have advantages over traditional lightbulbs: LED light is environmentally friendly, integrates voice control or in-app control of the temperature and color of each light, set schedules for automation, can withstand any weather, can be integrated with other Atomi lights, and more. Check out our blog for more information about what Atomi’s lights can do for you! Smart lights are the perfect companion for other Atomi smart home devices. Turn on your smart ceiling light and your smart coffee machine every morning, dim the smart wall lights and turn on the smart aroma diffuser for some relaxation, or enjoy the outdoors with the smart cube and orb lights with the smart outdoor plug to charge your laptop for an evening movie. Say goodbye to overpriced, inefficient lighting and hello to smart, colorful radiance any time of the year!

Location and Naming Devices

Every smart home device needs a suitable spot near a power outlet and a strong WiFi signal for your device to work as effectively as possible. Most of Atomi’s smart appliances require access to a plug, so placing your devices near an outlet is crucial. It’s easy to overlook this step when planning your smart home automation, but the last thing you want is to have a handful of appliances only to realize they have been placed too far from an outlet or they can’t reach the WiFi connection. Besides the location, naming your appliances is just as important. It may seem fun to give your appliances silly names or random titles, but we recommend maintaining a consistent naming process. Voice commands need to be accurate or they won’t work, so naming your appliances need to be specific and clear. One way to name your devices can be according to the room they are in. For example, “kitchen ceiling light”, “backyard string lights”, or “bedroom ceiling fan”. This becomes even more important if there are multiple smart home appliances in the same room (higher chance of this happening with multiple lights). Finally, watch out for duplicate names because this can cause issues for Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants. If you have multiple of the same light fixtures in the same room, add a number to each light to differentiate them. For example, “kitchen light 1” and “kitchen light 2”. Using these location and naming tips for your smart home appliances are sure to make your smart home automation easier and more efficient.  

Smart home automation can be difficult to navigate so we hope that these automation tips will help you along the way. Atomi Smart appliances use modern technology to help make everyday life more enjoyable and easier. Whether you are waking up to freshly brewed coffee using the smart coffee maker or controlling the smart string lights for an evening gathering, achieve perfect comfort in your home anytime you wish. Say goodbye to the “dumb” home way of living and hello to “smart” home living with Atomi Smart!

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