This Season’s Hot Ticket Item: The Smart Tower Heater

Every winter is the same: As temperatures outside drop low, your thermostat and energy bill go higher. Keeping warm and cozy can be an expensive business! Thankfully, tech has ushered us into an era of efficiency, convenience, and modern style when it comes to heating our homes. Here are 4 reasons why a Smart Tower Heater is the way to go: 

Perfect for heating small spaces

The atomi Smart Tower Heater can heat enclosed areas up to 750 square feet! Best of all, it starts heating the air as quickly as 2 seconds after you turn it on. Easily switch between the focused mode that gives you a direct heat flow, or oscillating mode to warm every corner of the room. 

Smart functionality, in more ways than one

Of course, you can control it through the app, with your phone. But voice-control and time-setting features elevate the Atomi Smart Tower Heater to new heights of convenience. You can use simple voice commands to turn it on and off, and set weekly schedules to keep your place warmed up ready for you when you come home. 

One of the safest tower heaters on the market

The Atomi Smart Tower Heater is the first ETL-certified smart heater, for it’s tip-over safety switch, overheat protection and cool-touch housing. You won’t have to worry if you have littles or pets around, and you can rest easy using this heater throughout the night. 

Sleek, contemporary design for your home or workspace

The attractive, slim design of this smart heater allows it to fit almost anywhere. It’s lightweight and features an easy-carry handle so it can easily be moved from room to room. Plus, this “heater” is actually useful year-round with a cool-mode setting for summer months. 

Get your Atomi Smart Tower Heater today.

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