Keep Your Home Safe and Secure this Spring Break

With Spring Break soon approaching, many people begin preparations for themselves, but not for their homes. However, without these home preparations, your residence may become a target for burglary and other crimes while you are away. That’s why protecting yourself and your family from any security threats this coming spring break is best. You can easily make yourself and your home a target for theft without even knowing it. Below are some common home security mistakes and what you can do to correct them with some simple steps and the help of Atomi Smart products.

Set Schedules Using Smart Home Lighting

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to deter intruders from your home is through lighting. Instead of closing all of the blinds and leaving only one light on during your travels, it is best to make your home look as natural as possible by turning on and off multiple lights throughout your home. Using the free Atomi Smart app, any of your Atomi Smart devices can be remotely monitored and controlled, including smart lighting. Any smart lighting can be controlled to mimic daily schedules by setting your lights to turn on and off at specific times. The app can also turn on/off smart lights, monitor if lights are on/off, and receive notifications about any changes to your lights. This will make it appear as if someone is home so potential burglars or thieves are more inclined to stay away.

It is also important to ensure that your property has sufficient outdoor lighting. Having dark areas increases the potential for break-ins since thieves prefer to work in darkness. Atomi Smart offers various outdoor lighting solutions including sconces, stake lighting, floodlights, string lights, and more. Each smart light is compatible individually or together, so you can link and connect hundreds of lights and multiple styles. Using a variety of these lights will ensure that your home is well-lit, bright, and welcoming.

Atomi Smart includes various safety features for all of the lighting options so you can be assured that they will be safe and effective even if you aren’t home. No matter how long your smart lights are on, they will never be hot to the touch because of the built-in LED chips. The string lights are made out of PVC, meaning that each bulb is safe to handle even after 24 hours of continuous use.

Do Not Leave Valuables in Sight

This may seem obvious, but it is a step that many people overlook before leaving their homes for extended periods of time. It is best to remove designer items, jewelry, and other valuables away from visible windows where anyone passing by would have a good view. This also includes mail and packages left at your front door. With the rise of “porch pirates”, leaving a package outside for an extended period of time increases the likeliness of theft. During holidays throughout the year, many thieves are on the lookout because of the high chance that homeowners are on vacation. Before purchasing something that requires delivery, it is best to schedule them on dates that you will be home to collect the items. If not, it is best to ask a family member or neighbor to collect it for you.

Avoid Promoting Your Absence

Although it is exciting to share your travel plans on social media or in person with coworkers and friends, it is best to keep these plans to yourself in order to protect your home. Besides family and close friends, it is important to keep your travel plans to as few people as possible or set your posts to private so that strangers do not have access to your information. This includes posting dates, times, and locations that could create possible schedules online for burglars to follow. When it comes to social media, it is also recommended to not post any photos from your trip while you are away. It is best to wait until you return home to post any photos. Posting photos may seem like a fun opportunity to check in with friends, but to burglars, it is an easy way to advertise your absence online.

If you require someone to check up on your home, do not make it obvious about leaving spare keys laying around. The most common places for hiding a spare key include under the front doormat or in a nearby flower pot. Ensure that the area where your key is hidden is camouflaged well so that it is unsuspecting for a potential burglar. Even better, physically leave your key with the person you trust to further reduce the chances of a break-in.

    Before Leaving Your Home

    Ensure that your home is ready for your absence so keep your travel plans private and keep your home as “normal” to your everyday life as possible. You can do this by setting up your Atomi Smart lights on a schedule that automatically turns lights on or off for additional peace of mind and to make life easier when you return. Ensure all mail and packages are picked up by family or neighbors and that no valuables are left in sight. Keeping your home secure while you travel is vital for the safety of you and your family. Have peace of mind this spring break with the help of Atomi Smart.

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