How Smart Heating Can Improve your Life

With the winter season in full effect, we must prepare for snowstorms, sleet, and freezing temperatures. Everything is cold and the last thing you want is to come home to an even colder house. Smart heating ensures that your rooms are at the perfect temperature so you can relax comfortably in your home. Atomi Smart’s heaters come in various sizes and functionalities so there is the right heater for all of your personal heating needs. Choose from an infrared heater, tower heater, or tabletop heater depending on the room and your style. Smart heating makes life easier and more enjoyable, even during the worst blizzards and freezing temperatures.

Comfortable Living

Smart heating means that you can select the appropriate temperatures for each time and day. With multiple Atomi Smart heaters, choose your desired temperature for each room to create the perfect indoor climate. Instead of keeping your furnace running during the whole day, smart heaters can quickly and efficiently heat a room by using less energy. Simply input the desired temperature and the heater will adjust accordingly. Atomi Smart heaters are designed to complement any room layout and size up to 750 square feet. Whatever style you choose, control them all with your smartphone and the Atomi Smart app or with voice control using Alexa or Google Home. App control allows you to adjust your heating anytime and anywhere. As long as your smart device is connected to the internet, using the Atomi Smart app allows you to adjust your heating from anywhere in the world. This means that if you are already comfortable on the couch or halfway around the world, you can easily adjust your heating. Your phone and voice become your remote control!

Scheduling and Efficiency

Improve and optimize your home’s heating and only heat what needs to be heated. Even if the furnace remains running all day, it may not concentrate the heat to the rooms that need it most. Atomi Smart’s heaters have a scheduling function that allows for easy monitoring and adjustments for daily or weekly schedules. The heaters will follow the schedules that you have set in place, saving time and effort in manually adjusting the heating. Use the heater when you’re at home and turn off the heater when you leave or go to work. You can even set your schedule to turn on and off at certain times, so you can always come home to a warm room. This will reduce energy consumption and lower monthly utilities, making both you and the environment happy.

Easy Usability and No Installation Fees

Smart heaters can be used almost anywhere where there is a flat surface or free wall space. The Smart Wireless Tabletop Heater is the perfect option for any counter or table such as a desk, coffee table, kitchen counter, and other flat surfaces to free up floor space. The WiFi Ceramic Tower Heaters are the perfect choice for areas where the floor is the best option and can be used on carpeted or flat surfaces. The Smart WiFi Infrared Heater is the perfect option for a wall-mounting installation to free up floor and countertop spaces. Simply turn on the heater and enjoy! No additional installation costs or in-app purchases. Additionally, the Atomi Smart app is free and easy to use. Once your device is connected, browse the many in-app functions and control them instantly and hassle-free.

    Built-in Safety

    Atomi Smart keeps safety as a priority, that’s why each heater comes with built-in safety features. The heaters are ETL-Certified, meaning that the heaters comply with North American safety standards. Additionally, the heaters have a tip-over safety switch. This means that if the heater tips over unexpectedly or by accident, it will automatically shut off and send a notification to your smartphone. The tower and infrared heaters come equipped with three heat settings: low, high, and ECO mode. ECO mode saves energy by automatically adjusting the heat and power settings when the desired temperature is reached. The smart heater will turn itself on and off automatically when the room temperature increases or decreases. Plus, wide-angle oscillation evenly circulates heat throughout the room. The heaters also have overheat protection and cool-touch housing, so it is safe to use for longer periods without overheating internally or externally. Since these heaters are designed to be portable, they come with an easy-grip carrying handle so that you have a secure grip when moving. With all of these built-in safety features, Atomi Smart has you in mind.

    Looking ahead with Smart Heaters

    As the interest in smart functions increases, smart heaters remain popular devices that are used in everyday life. Smart heaters can enhance your lifestyle and make your day-to-day more convenient while saving on costs and energy. The goal of Atomi Smart heaters is to make life more comfortable using automation features so that you can spend your time where it matters. Whether you have a room that is always feeling brisk, a draft you can’t seem to remove, or a freezing winter day, Atomi Smart heaters provide extra warmth when you need it most.

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