Glow Up Your Living Space with Smart String Lights

When done right, string lighting can take your breath away with its whimsical effect on pretty much any area of your home. They create a warm, inviting, and beautiful glow that people just gravitate to. You might worry that they’re a hassle to put up and even harder to manage (especially if you have multiple sets). Thankfully, we’re living in a new age of convenience, and smart technology is the order of the day! This time, in the form of indoor/outdoor Smart String Lights compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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1. Create with Unlimited Color

As lovely as white lighting can be, you’re not beholden to it with atomi Smart String Lights. You’d have 16 million colors to choose from, with built-in special effects like twinkling for a delightful twist. These smart features make atomi String Lights perfect for the holidays and other themed celebrations. You can even set two-color combinations or do a rainbow fade. The colors change with ease while the durable, long-lasting bulbs stay the same.

string lights voice controlled

2. Voice Controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa

Thanks to smart technology, you can control smart string lights through an app with your phone. Voice-control and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant gives you even more flexibility to operate lighting features whenever the mood strikes you. Simple voice commands will turn them on and off, and more. Truth be told, Smart String Lights are an easy and affordable initiation into smart home technology. It’s extremely satisfying to speak out a command to your smart lights and have it met instantly, without your having lifted a finger.

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3. Link up to 1728 feet Lighting!

Because our lighting needs are vast and varied, atomi Smart String Lights come in different lengths (24’ and 36’) and can be linked together. That’s why these smart lights are perfect for illuminating small areas, and they’re more than capable of accommodating bigger spaces. The best part is that once they’re all linked together, you can still control all 1728 feet, or however many string lights you’re using, with voice command and the app.

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4. Easy Installation and Automation

This isn’t necessarily a “smart” feature, but atomi string lights are smartly designed with reinforced eyelet holes along the cord for easy mounting. You can set them up in minutes, and once that’s done, set them on a timer to turn off and on, to change color, and more. You theoretically would never have to manually handle your lights again after installation, save for taking them down if you ever move or redecorate.

Outdoor bistros, wedding venues, DIY influencers, your next-door neighbor… everyone is getting in on the string lighting craze because it’s an affordable and lovely way to beautify a space. Atomi String Lights are just a smarter way to do it.  


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