Best Smart Home Devices for Pet Owners

For most pet owners, worrying about a pet’s well-being while at work can be a daily occurrence. Between meetings, lunch breaks, and projects, your pet’s safety and happiness can take up top priority. Is your rabbit chewing on a cable? Is your cat feeling hot or cold? Is your dog afraid of the dark? Constantly questioning your pet’s comfort can be a major source of stress, especially when you have deadlines and responsibilities during the day. Making your home smarter is a major way you can ensure that your little friend is safe and comfortable even when you’re not there. Using smart lights, smart plugs, smart ceiling fans, and smart heaters are a few Atomi devices that can help ease your pet’s anxiety. 

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The benefits of smart home lighting for your pet 

Automated lighting is an easy and efficient way to enhance your pet’s quality of life. Atomi’s smart lights can be programmed and controlled via voice control or through the Atomi app on a wireless device so that your furry friend isn’t left in the dark when you’re away. Anywhere you are, you can use the app to turn your smart lights on/off, set daily or weekly schedules, view if appliances are on/off, and more. Instead of leaving a light on during the day, smart lights help to reduce energy costs since you can turn lights on or off remotely. Smart home lighting is especially perfect for any pet that is afraid of the dark, so implementing smart lights will ensure that your pet is never nervous after sundown again. 

The color and hue of light also benefit your pet by mimicking the patterns of the sun. All of Atomi’s lights include hue-changing compatibilities from smart string lights, wall sconces, ceiling lights, and more. Any smart light that you choose to match your home’s interior and style also comes with health benefits for your pet! Atomi’s lights can be programmed to follow the natural patterns of the sun, from warm and cool color hues at the right times throughout the day. This helps keep your furry friend’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, in balance. In the morning, your smart lights can be programmed and scheduled to glow with warm red-yellow hues, mimicking the warm colors of sunrise. This will help your pet wake up well-rested and relaxed for the day ahead.  Similarly, these warm tones mimic the sunset to help your pet unwind and settle in for the evening. Throughout the day, adjust your smart lights to cooler hues. Blue-toned light is known to increase alertness, and energy, increases focus, enhances reaction time and elevates overall mood. Atomi’s tunable lighting can imitate the daily patterns of the sun’s tones automatically and gradually, keeping your pet’s circadian rhythm in balance. 

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The safer way for your pet to play

Does your pet have a tendency to nibble on or play with wires along the floors or walls? We know that your furry friends have a natural instinct to be curious, but this can lead to some serious accidents. With the hustle and bustle of the day, unplugging or hiding cables away from our pets is something we do not often think about before leaving for work. However, there is a smarter and safer way for your pet to enjoy a home life without any additional effort from you. Even when our devices are powered off, they are still consuming power. That means there is still an electrical current flowing inside the cables. Atomi’s Smart Plug and Smart Outdoor Plugs are the smarter solutions to control your appliances and ensure that your cables are completely void of electricity, making your home a safer place for your pet. 

Atomi’s smart plugs offer peace of mind in knowing that you will never leave devices running again. They can be automated and controlled using the Atomi smart app where you can set schedules by automating the outlets to turn on and off at specific times. Take complete control of your home by managing any appliance plugged into the smart plug to safe-proof your home when your pet’s curiosity or boredom kicks in.  

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Keep your pet comfortable during the day

Is there a room that your pet tends to stay in more than the others? Instead of controlling the temperature of your whole house, using smart fans and smart heaters can help to regulate specific rooms only when you need them. All of Atomi’s smart heaters and smart fans include app and voice control and scheduling automation so that you can manage temperatures in your home affordably and efficiently. Instead of blasting the heat or air conditioner during the day when no one is home, smart appliances allow you to remotely control them according to your needs. Set the temperature of your appliances from the app and help keep your pet comfortable throughout the day. In the summer, use Atomi’s smart fans for a quick cooling effect, or use Atomi’s smart heaters in the winter for effective heating. For additional efficiency, you can set the temperature on the smart heater so it will turn itself on and off automatically when the room temperature increases or decreases. Whether your pet likes to lounge on your bed, snooze on the couch, or hang out by the windows, Atomi’s smart fans and smart heaters will keep your pet comfortable even when you’re not there.

Taking care of your pet is a top priority and smart home automation makes it easier to do so. From smart lighting, smart plugs, and smart heaters and fans, each of these appliances offer something unique to help comfort your pet while you’re away. 

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