Benefits of smart home technology

We are living in the golden age of technological development, from smartphones, the Internet, and electric cars, to smart home automation. One of the major tech developments of the 21st century is the development of smart homes, for it adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind to homeowners. 

Smart home automation refers to any devices, appliances, or systems that connect to a common network and can be independently or remotely controlled. For example, your home’s lights, appliances, heaters, fans, and more are connected through WiFi and Bluetooth which can be controlled from your smartphone or any other WiFi-enabled devices. Smart home automation is high-tech functionality that offers luxury which wasn’t possible in the past. With technology continuing to advance, so will smart home automation, making life more enjoyable and easier for everyone. 

The Big Advantages

  • Controlling all devices from one location. Being able to control all devices from one location offers extensive convenience for technology and home management. The Atomi App makes this convenience possible. Simply download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store on any smartphone or other smart device to manage your devices through the countless functions available. Even for those who have a harder time learning technology, using Atomi’s app makes it easy for all people, including new users, to access the functions of your smart home devices.

  • Flexibility for smart home devices. Smart home systems are flexible when it comes to further advancements of new smart home appliances. At Atomi, we are constantly working on newer models and products to keep smart home automation as current and impressive as possible. Whatever smart home devices you currently have, there will always be newer models and updated appliances in the future. In order to accommodate newer appliances, smart home automation must be flexible in order to integrate new devices as you upgrade your smart home lifestyle. Having this flexibility will make your life as a homeowner much easier. 

  • Controlling home functions from afar. As long as you have an Internet connection and the smart app installed on your smartphone or compatible device, you can monitor and control what is going on in your home even when you are not physically there. For example, you can control your Atomi Smart Tabletop Heater or Smart Tower Heater to warm up your home right before you get home from work.  You can even control the colors of your Smart Lights and ensure your devices are powered off with the smart plug to conserve energy. Being able to check on your devices remotely offers comfort and peace of mind to smart homeowners. 

  • Reducing energy consumption. Being able to remotely control your devices means that you can be in control of when they are powered on or turned off. Instead of leaving your appliances running all day in an empty home, smart home devices allow the user to monitor their devices remotely. All of Atomi’s appliances can be controlled via voice control or through Atomi’s mobile app to turn them on/off, set daily or weekly schedules, view if appliances are on/off, and more. Any smart lights can be scheduled and programmed to turn on when it gets darker and off when it gets brighter out. Similarly, you can control any smart heaters and fans to turn on and off to maintain the desired temperature instead of leaving the devices running all day. All of Atomi’s heaters also have an ECO mode setting which uses less energy than the standard High and Low settings. These are some of the ways that Atomi’s smart home devices can be used while saving on energy at the same time. 

  • Real-time monitoring from anywhere.  Smart home devices have the capability to connect to your smartphone or tablet, giving you the ultimate peace of mind as you monitor your home anytime, anywhere. Atomi’s smart home products allow you to control temperature, turn lights on or off, turn the power on or off from smart outlets, and more! For those who don’t work from home, you can check your smart appliances on the Atomi Smart app to create optimal environments even when you aren’t in your home. Monitor all of your Atomi Smart devices and never worry about if you left something on again. Through automation and setting your preferences on the Atomi Smart app, you will have seamless control of all your smart appliances together on one device.

  • Improving health with tunable lighting. Lighting is a fundamental part of our daily lives, and there is a distinct correlation between lighting and the brain. Atomi’s LED tunable smart lights come in multiple styles and colors with the same health and home benefits. Tunable lighting impacts overall mood and work performance while also saving on energy consumption at the same time. Atomi’s smart lighting has the ability to mimic the sun’s range of white light to match the body’s internal clock, so you are energized when you need to be and are more relaxed for bedtime. This helps keep your body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, in balance. This, in turn, has a profound effect on your mental state and overall well-being

Looking ahead to smart home automation

Smart home technology provides many benefits to improve quality of life from luxury and comfort to peace of mind. It takes care of your safety needs while conserving energy and costs, even when you aren’t home. Implementing Atomi’s smart lights, ceiling fans, heaters, and plugs are just a few appliances that contain these benefits for you to enjoy. Looking ahead to smart home automation will include improved appliance functionality and home management insights to make smart adjustments to your lifestyle. Using this automated technology makes your home life much easier and more enjoyable. The possibilities for smart home automation in the future are endless and Atomi is here for all things smart! 

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