Affordable Smart Home Devices Under $100

When shopping for smart home devices, many people believe that the most expensive means the best. Once someone adds multiple smart home devices together, the total cost can easily plunge into the thousands and become daunting. However, here at Atomi, we create effective and efficient smart home appliances to help raise your home’s IQ without breaking the bank. We believe that any home can become smarter with budget-friendly prices from smart heaters to smart lights. Below are some of our favorite cost-effective products for those who are building a smart home from scratch or those looking to add to their home’s already-existing IQ. 

Enjoy dazzling illumination for less 

Atomi’s smart lighting ranges in style and price so there is something that fits in everyone’s budget while offering the same smart benefits throughout. You don’t need hundreds of dollars to spend on smart home lighting. For under $100 and the free Atomi smart app, you can upgrade your home without stressing your wallet. Some of our favorite smart lights under $100 include, smart color string lights, smart floodlights, smart ceiling lights, and smart orb lights. Each smart light is compatible individually or together, so you can link and connect hundreds of lights and multiple styles. Our free app includes features such as turning on/off smart lights, creating and setting schedules, monitoring if lights are on/off, and more. 

Select and enjoy 16 million color hues and white light options right from your smartphone and never have a dull moment again. Atomi’s Smart lights include built-in special effects so you can bring your lighting vision to life. Choose from a twinkling feature, two-color combinations, a rainbow fade, and other pre-selected color schemes to add extra brilliance to any room of your choice.  From millions of colors to white lighting, you can create your unique color combinations and scenes designed by you! With up to 50,000 hours of spectacular illumination and hassle-free installation, all of our lights are designed with you in mind. Say goodbye to overpriced, inefficient lighting and hello to smart, personalized radiance designed by you. Now that is priceless. 

Small heater with big power

Did you know that there is a smarter way to control your home’s temperature while sticking to a budget? Instead of leaving your furnace running all day while no one is home, use Atomi’s smart wireless heater and heat up the main room that you or your pet tends to stay in more often. This smart heater is ideal for small areas and is safe to use on any flat surface, leaving you valuable floor space for other furniture and appliances. This wireless space heater is portable and has a manual and remote-control capability, making it more efficient to achieve the comfort you need without spending a lot. On the smart app, you can also schedule your heating so that you don’t come home to a cold room or waste money by keeping the furnace on.  Set a daily schedule for your heater straight from the app, so the heater turns on just when you need it to. Monitor your smart heater anytime and anywhere on your smartphone, making it more efficient to achieve the comfort you need. Remove that chill in your home once and for all with the small but powerful tabletop heater.

Enjoy the perfect brew every day

For any coffee lover, there’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, so why not have a cup or two waiting for you all the time? Atomi’s Smart Coffee Maker is programmable and compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can brew coffee anytime and anywhere. For those who are on a budget, it is much cheaper, in the long run, to brew coffee at home than ordering a cup to go every day your favorite coffee shop. Atomi takes it one step ahead by personalizing your coffee experience through the app. Schedule brewing for a specific time daily or weekly, adjust the brew strength to your unique taste, check how much coffee is left in the carafe, and more all through the comfort of your smartphone.  Enjoy your coffee the smarter way with this 12-cup stylish coffee maker, the perfect addition for any coffee fanatic looking to upgrade their home without a hefty price tag. 

The atomi smart Aroma Diffuser: Dual Functioning: Humidifier & Diffuser.

Building a smart home shouldn’t be expensive

For anyone looking to upgrade their home’s IQ without spending a lot, Atomi has functional and affordable smart home devices that are sure to make life easier. From smart lights, heaters, coffee makers, and more, there is a stylish and efficient smart home appliance to add to your home. Through internet connection and the free smartphone app, it’s never been easier or more affordable to transform your home into a smart one.  Whether you’re just getting started on your smart home journey or are looking to add a few cool devices, Atomi’s appliances have tons of functionality without the hefty price tags.

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