5 Easy Ways to Save on Electricity

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Let’s face it⁠— the cost of electricity, oil, and natural gas won’t be decreasing any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we should pay more for it. Improving your home’s efficiency doesn’t have to include expensive upgrades or lengthy renovations. Below are a few easy solutions to help save on energy expenses and consumption using Atomi Smart’s technology.

Turn off all devices on stand-by

Did you know that even devices that are not being used are still consuming power? Although these devices are only consuming little power, it doesn’t mean we should forget about them. Small amounts of unused power will add up by the end of the year, so power-saving techniques should not be overlooked. We know that it’s not possible to go around your home and unplug every single device from their outlets. That’s where the Atomi Smart plugs and outdoor plugs can help. Atomi Smart’s smart plugs can disconnect your devices when they are not in use by simply controlling the smart plug with voice automation or through your smartphone on the Atomi Smart app. These smart plugs don’t provide electricity to appliances that are not in use, which helps you save more efficiently. You can even set schedules to automatically turn on and off your smart plugs, for instance, at night when devices are not in use. Whatever devices are connected to the smart plug, they can easily be controlled anywhere from the Atomi Smart app. Take complete control of your home by managing any appliance plugged into the Smart Plug and reduce electricity bills and your carbon emissions! 

Open windows to create airflow

Although using an air conditioner or heating with closed windows quickly cools/ heats your home, it is not the most cost-efficient. Instead of always relying on your home’s heating and cooling systems to create the desired temperature, it is important to also use the windows when possible. Opening the windows every few hours to take advantage of the weather and temperature if it is comfortable is beneficial. Opening windows that are opposite each other can create more airflow to help maintain a comfortable temperature. It is important to note that your home’s heating/cooling should be turned off when utilizing the windows. Keeping the heating/cooling on will, of course, result in wasted power literally going out the window. Once the windows are closed again, you can utilize the heat stored in the walls of your home before needing to turn on the heating again. This will help to save a little more on costs.

Using Atomi Smart’s LED lighting

LEDs are increasingly more durable and efficient with energy, saving up to 80% on electricity! Atomi Smart’s lights such as string lights, pathway lights, sconce lights, and more, include energy-efficient LED chips that last up to 50,000 hours, removing the need to replace lightbulbs. Using LED chips means that you can say goodbye to incandescent lightbulbs once and for all. LED chips use low power consumption, are highly reliable, and have a long lifespan that benefits your energy savings and maintenance reduction. The LED chips replace roughly 25 incandescent light bulbs (incandescent lightbulbs run for roughly 2,000 hours) from being added to a landfill and reducing power consumption.

    Automate and regulate temperature only when needed

    Using smart fans and smart heaters can help to regulate the temperature of your home only when you need it. All of Atomi Smart’s heaters and Smart fans include app and voice control and scheduling automation so that you can manage temperatures in your home affordably and efficiently. Instead of blasting the heat or air conditioner during the day when no one is home, smart appliances allow you to remotely control them according to your needs. Set the temperature of the appliances on your app so you can walk into your home at the perfect temperature without leaving them running all day. Create and implement a heating or cooling schedule on the app for your appliances to turn on/ off at certain times so that you conserve power. If your schedule changes unexpectedly, you can still manage and control your heating and cooling devices from your smartphone. Additionally, the Atomi Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan uses only 18 watts of energy to produce 1500 lumens of light that last up to 50,000 hours. All Atomi Smart’s heaters include a Smart ECO mode setting. This ECO function saves energy by automatically adjusting the heat and power settings when the desired temperature is reached. The smart heater will turn itself on and off automatically when the room temperature increases or decreases. 

    Be mindful of large appliances

    Large appliances such as the washer, dryer, and dishwasher all use a lot of energy and run for long periods of time. To help save on costs, run these large appliances in the evenings or on weekends when energy costs tend to be cheaper. Also, consider using the air-dry option on the dishwasher or hanging clothes on a clothesline instead of using the dryer. Take advantage of the weather⁠— hang your clothes outside to dry in warm months or air drying indoors during the winter months. Since dryers accumulate about 6% of a home’s total energy use, using other alternatives to the dryer will help reduce costs and electricity. Not only is it important to use large appliances during off-peak times, but it’s also important to clean and maintain your devices, too. When the vent at the back of your fridge or the dryer is clogged with dust, the motors work harder and use more energy. Vacuum and clean these areas a few times a year to ensure that they are performing efficiently.

    By combing smart home appliances and some quick tips, you can reduce your home’s consumption and costs. Utilizing smart lights, plugs, fans, and heaters are a few examples of smart technology that benefits you and your wallet!

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